Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I KNOW You DIDN’T Just Unfriend Me!!!

While perusing facebook one evening, I saw the following post from a friend:

"How many of you check the number of friends that you have on a daily basis, and then if the number has dropped, check your friends list to see who unfriended you? STOP IT!!!”

I really liked that post, because, well, I have been guilty of keeping tabs on my friend inventory and most other people have too. I don’t do it anymore though. I can’t say who has unfriended me or why. But I thought that I would write about who I have unfriended and why. I need to admit that just because I have unfriended someone, doesn’t necessarily meant that I don’t love them anymore. But sometimes, it does.J

Kathy’s Unfriended List Arranged by Personal Significance, Complete With Reason:

1. My Mother-I still love her but I didn’t love the fact that she would wait until she saw that I had logged onto Facebook and then put a post on my page saying, “call me. Mama”. No offense, but how embarrassing! Now, she posts on my son’s page saying, “Tell your Mama to call me.” He doesn’t seem to mind. (I hope she isn’t reading this.--Love you Mom!)

2. My Brother-He instant messaged me one time to fuss at me about something that my Mom had told him. He told me that she was giving him an earful. So, I explained my side of the situation and as soon as he logged off, I unfriended him. Once he realized it, he called her to tattle on me. She told him not to worry about it, because I had unfriended her too. ( I hope he isn’t reading this-Love you Bro!)

3. My oldest son-Time #1-We had an argument on our respective facebook pages.
Time #2- He got mad at me and wrote bad things about me on his wall.
Time #3- He used too much vulgarity on his wall after I had asked him to stop doing this. He said that it was his wall, not mine. He has since toned it down.
Must I add that he is a teenager? Enough said!

Status-We are currently facebook friends. I love you, Son!

4. My ex-husband- Really, it was hard to add him in the first place. There is just something creepy about having an ex-husband on your page. I think that he was more upset that I had unfriended him than he was about me divorcing him.

5. My former mother-in-law- This is even creepier than the ex-husband.

6. Former schoolmates who just won’t quit posting pictures from their cheerleading days from THIRTY years ago over and over and over: Pyramid #1, Pyramid #2, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam. Hello! It’s over! Move on!!!

7. Friends who post pornographic pictures-KEEP YOUR SEX ORGAN OFF OF MY PAGE!!!

8. Friends who use excessive cursing and vulgarity.

9. Alabama Friend-One friend who is an Alabama fan said that she was about to start hiding the comments from all of her Auburn friends because she didn’t want to have to read all of our obnoxious comments during football season? Oh Yeah? Well, I just unfriended you!!! Ha!

10. Friends who show pictures or write things dishonoring Christianity. One guy had a picture of Jesus holding an automatic weapon. Another girl kept posting that she worshipped Satan. No thank you. I didn’t want her vibes on my page.

11. One friend who I love dearly, just to see if she would notice. ( I was feeling unloved). It took her a while, but she finally did notice and sent me a new friend request. We are friends again.

Who have you unfriended and why?

copyright 2011 by Kathy Robbins


  1. I have unfriended someone once because they did something very hurtful to another dear friend of mine. If you hurt my friends, you are no friend to me.

  2. I can tell that you are a very loyal friend. Kudos to you!