Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Poetry: A Change of Pace

When I was on writing scholarship in college, I was compelled to take a creative writing class on poetry. As you will soon see, poetry was not really my cup of tea. But here are two of the poems that I wrote for that class.

This first one, I wrote at the age of eighteen. Not much has changed since then….


I can not be held
By words
By chains
By boundaries
Let me free
To do as I must,
 And I will burst forth
Freedom and Happiness…

This was an assignment to write a poem with a particular rhyme scheme. The professor said that it could be a nonsense poem, but she just wanted the particular rhyme scheme. Since my best attribute is nonsense, this is what I wrote:

Piggily Wiggily 

Piggily Wiggily
Vladimir Nabokov
Characteristically selling his bod.
So continentally Mediterranean,
His creativity gets him the nod.

The Professor liked that one. Ha! (My apologies to Mr. Nabokov)

And last of all, the unfinished one:


Autumn's chilly evening,
Shrouded peacefulness,
Slow and quick painful sting,
Traitor nonetheless

I will finish this one soon. Obviously, I still have miles to go before I sleep....

copyright 2013 by Kathy Robbins

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