Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stress Relief Suggestion #45

Exercise is good for you, it releases endorphins and other chemicals in the body that are helpful. Walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, golfing, dancing, rubber ball squeezing, push-ups, and other exercises are helpful.


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare:

Today, I am thankful for:

193. Exercising in a dress.
194. Praying, rather than preying.
195. Side airbags in cars.
196. People who "get it".

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Transforming the World One Person at a Time

Last September, I wrote a blogpost entitled "Walk to Emmaus-A Fertilizer For Churches." This described the four-day ecumenical weekend experience for adults who are already Christians, having their relationship with Christ nurtured by the faith community and preparing people to step up into church lay leadership. 

The Upper Room, the sponsoring organization for the Emmaus movement, also provides a similar experience for high school aged individuals: Chrysalis. This is a three or four day event for Christian youth from age fifteen, who have completed the 9th grade through aged 18, who have completed high school in the last few months. The purpose is to nurture their relationship with Christ and to create youth leadership for the church. College-aged young adults participate in a similar program, which is called Journey.

MacMillan dictionary defines chrysalis as:
 " an insect such as a butterfly or moth at the stage of changing from a larva (= a young insect without wings) to an adult, or the hard case in which this happens."

The process of spiritual growth experienced by a youth or young adult is a beautiful transformation created by God that can be compared the the beautiful process of the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly made in the world of insects. That is the reason that the movement is called Chrysalis. When the young people arrive at the retreat, they are considered to be caterpillars. When they emerge four days later, we lovingly call them butterflies.

I am on the board for this organization for the Austin, and Victoria, Texas area. This area spans from northwest of Austin, Texas, down to and including the entire Victoria district of the United Methodist Church. This includes approximately 115 churches. We will have an event for girl's starting Wednesday, July 11, 2012 thru July 14, 2012. The First United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas is the location. We still have room for more youth on the roster.The event for boy's will be 2 weeks later at Cathedral Oaks in Weimer, Texas.  Please contact me at krobbins100@yahoo.com for inquiries. I would be happy to facilitate enrollment for your youth. All Christian youth are invited to attend, regardless of denominational affiliation. 

The last thing: Many of our christian churches are losing membership. Investing in the youth and young adults today is essential for the future of our church. 


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare
Today, I am Thankful for:

193. Finding my eyeglasses after searching for them 15 minutes before realizing that they were on top of my head.
194. Slipping and sliding in the mud in the garden, feeling like a kid again.
195. Being called on to help a friend who has helped me many times in the past. It is nice to be able to return the favor.
196. Prayer vigils.
197. Do-overs.
198. Tomatoes.
199. New recipes.
200. Pests. :)

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Don't Be a Pest!!!

Texting is still new enough that the game "Words With Friends" doesn't count it as a real word if played. Also, most word processors still consider it a spelling error.

Four years ago, I sent my oldest son on a mission trip with our local church, with the high hopes that he would return with many new friends and astounding spiritual growth. He returned with one new ability: knowing how to text at a high rate of speed. I remember my disappointed and confused reaction.

Although we now take texting for granted as a daily reality, word processors and games are not the only things experiencing a cultural lag. Our laws are in the process of adjusting to the still relatively new craze. Several states have enacted laws prohibiting texting while driving.  One city is even ticketing people for texting while walking.  If caught and ticketed, a person must pay an $80.00 fine.

Apparently, texting  can lead to trouble. Not only is the venue and the accompanying activity of the texter an issue, but the content of the text can lead to trouble as well. Take my recent experience for an example. I had the following recent exchange with a friend:

Me: Are you going to attend the event on Thursday night?
Her: Yep pets.

This puzzled me. I realized that she was going to attend, which was really all I wanted to know. But was she using the term of endearment of 'pet' for me, (which, incidentally, she had never done before), or was she calling me a pest and just transposed her letters? If it were the former, I would say "awwwww". But if the latter, I would show her who the pest was! (But first, I started to respond by calling her either a lint licker or a cootie queen.) I decided instead, not to text her again for about a year.

By the next afternoon, I had made it as long as I could without texting her. I texted again, and well, here is the exchange:

Me: Did you call me a pest?
Her: What?!!!
Me: I texted you last night and you responded by saying "Yep pets". Were you just trying to call me a pest?
Her: Ha! Ha! Ha! No! I was trying to say 'Yeppers' and my phone autocorrected me. Ha! Ha!Ha!
Me: Ooohhh. Ok. I thought you were calling me names. (Glad I held on to the Cootie Queen remark afterall.) Boy, that could have caused worse problems!

I related this story to another friend. She related a story that her daughter had told her. A friend of her's and his mom had the following text conversation:

Son: I'll be home late
Mom: If u aren't home by miidnight, I will lick u out!
Several hours passed.
Son: Ooohhhh Mom, that is sooooo gross!!!
Mom: Son, I meant LOCK!!!

So be careful with your texting: what you text, whom you text, and what you are doing while you text. It could cost you money, a friendship, or a very awkward relationship with your son.


copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stress Relief Suggestion #44

Always keep a spare set of clothes in your vehicle so that you will be prepared in case of spills onto your clothing when you are pressed for time and can't go home to change. I learned this the hard way last week:)).

Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare:
Today, I Am Thankful for :

176. Kay Johnson
177. Sheila
178. Andrea Herrera
179. Carol Wirth
180. Rusty Haag
181. Levi Haag
182. Billy Haag
183. Gloria Robbins
184. Andy Griffith-R.I.P.
185. The Nextdoor neighbor and his weedeater.(really, I need to find out the names of the neighbors)
186. The man across the street and his tire jack.(ditto the above).
187. Guest writers for this blog who always break the records for the day, week, month, etc. for page views.
188. The Kindlefire.
189. Great sound guys at church.
190. Encouragement from friends.
191. New friends.
192. Old friends.

Have a safe and Happy Independence Day on this July 4, 2012. And remember, no personal fireworks allowed in Buda or Kyle, Texas for fear of wildfires. Fines starting at $500.00!

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins