Thursday, March 1, 2012

A God-incident

You have heard of a co-incidence? What about a God-incident? A friend of mine recently explained to me that a God-incident is what some would label a coincidence, except that God is at the center of the event. It is not a coincidence at all. For God has purposefully made it happen. Is it from divine providence? Not necessarily. More often, it is through a cluster of people living in relationship with him and being obedient to his voice. 

I have found that the more I pay attention, the more of the God-incidences I have. The one that I had this week involves several friends who do not even know one another, and a stranger I encountered in a book. 

Earlier in the year, Rev. Kimberly Burke wrote a series of four guest posts for this blog about her experiences in Uganda, Africa, while on a mission trip. It was a wonderful, enlightening series. Later, she told me about a book entitled Kisses from Katie: a Story of Relentless Love, about a high school girl who visited Uganda on a mission trip, fell in love with the people there, saw the incredible need and decided to return after high school to teach and continue ministering to help to meet needs. She ultimately began a non-profit organization called Amazima, to help children in Uganda with basic school necessities and sponsorship.

I bought the book, and as I was reading it, I noticed that both Katie and Rev. Burke described Uganda with almost the exact same words. Both talked about the beauty of the lush land being host to some of the most intense poverty in the world. They both also talked about the spirit of the people who know how to truly depend on God for their needs and to be thankful for the smallest, simplest items in life. They experience this thankfulness in a way that we in the United States frequently do not, because of our abundance.

About two weeks after I finished reading this book, I walked into a grocery store owned by a friend and noticed that she had some new newspaper articles on display. They were about her oldest daughter. I walked over to the display to read these new articles and saw the name of the charity started by Katie Davis: Amazima. I was amazed. Here I had one friend who had done mission work in the same country under a different umbrella organization. She had written for this blog and told me about the book.

I read the book and touch bases with another friend who does not know the first and find out that her daughter was doing volunteer work for the organization in the book. I talked to this friend and she explained to me that her daughter had participated in a study on the book Kisses from Katie. She said that she had been so touched, that she decided to go on a mission trip for the Amazima organization. I was so touched, that I took my copy of the book to the store to be added to the display.

I shared the background with my new friend and she couldn’t wait to share the story with her daughter. Now, I am hearing that Rev. Burke will be returning to Uganda in about six months. God is definitely at work there. 

Is this a coincidence? Can’t be! This is my God-incidence for the week. What is yours?

Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare
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76. God-incidents-How he works through his saints, piercing one heart at a time.

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