Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chisholm Trail Roundup Grand Parade

Lockhart, Texas was the location for the 40th Annual Chisholm Trail Roundup from June 6-9, 2012. The roundup is an annual Bar-B-Que, arts, crafts and music festival sponsored by the Lockhart Chamber of Commerce.

They have a Bar-b-que and chili cook-off the weekend before the actual roundup. Then, the weekend of the roundup, the features are a carnival, arts and crafts booths, and music presented by several different bands. The Grand parade tops it off. A queen's court represents the roundup throughout the weekend. There are probably other activities that I haven't yet mentioned here. 

I had the honor of participating in the Grand Parade to represent David Glickler, who is running for Judge for the Republican party. He had a family vacation planned for the weekend, so several of us rode in the parade. Of all of the parades that I have ever participated in, this was the longest parade with the most participants that I have ever seen in person. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Having lived in Texas only four years, I was curious about the whole Chisholm Trail Roundup idea. So, I have done a little research that I want to share here. I didn't even know what the Chisholm Trail was. According to Wikipedia, the Chisholm Trail was a passage for driving cattle from Texas to the rails in Kansas in the late 18th century. Of course, most of my readers in Texas already knew that. 

Here are some of my pics from the event:

This was what I thought was the cutest house on the parade route.

David's in-laws drove this antique car adorned with "Glickler for Judge" signs.

Loved the t-shirts. On the Right-"Page Lance's Brother" One the Left-" Page Erikas Sister"

I loved this!!! The beauty queens were resting before the parade started! These ladies were from Comal County.

Now they are standing!

A tractor makes a great float!

The United States Military joined the action!

Throughout the parade route, people announced the activity of the parade. They peppered their announcements with jokes. I thought they were representing a radio station at first. They were delightful!

Who had ever heard of using a boat for a float?

US Military Vehicle

Neighborhood Announcers. Very clownish and funny guys.

A Real clown joined the festivities. He was a Christian clown.

Beautiful Methodist Church.

Notice the elephant ears on the float. 

Don't forget the party train.

There were many more floats than these. Maybe next year, I will be on the other side of the parade and get more pics.


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare:

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157. Kid's spending the night with friends.
158. Rubber Bands

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