Saturday, July 7, 2012

Transforming the World One Person at a Time

Last September, I wrote a blogpost entitled "Walk to Emmaus-A Fertilizer For Churches." This described the four-day ecumenical weekend experience for adults who are already Christians, having their relationship with Christ nurtured by the faith community and preparing people to step up into church lay leadership. 

The Upper Room, the sponsoring organization for the Emmaus movement, also provides a similar experience for high school aged individuals: Chrysalis. This is a three or four day event for Christian youth from age fifteen, who have completed the 9th grade through aged 18, who have completed high school in the last few months. The purpose is to nurture their relationship with Christ and to create youth leadership for the church. College-aged young adults participate in a similar program, which is called Journey.

MacMillan dictionary defines chrysalis as:
 " an insect such as a butterfly or moth at the stage of changing from a larva (= a young insect without wings) to an adult, or the hard case in which this happens."

The process of spiritual growth experienced by a youth or young adult is a beautiful transformation created by God that can be compared the the beautiful process of the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly made in the world of insects. That is the reason that the movement is called Chrysalis. When the young people arrive at the retreat, they are considered to be caterpillars. When they emerge four days later, we lovingly call them butterflies.

I am on the board for this organization for the Austin, and Victoria, Texas area. This area spans from northwest of Austin, Texas, down to and including the entire Victoria district of the United Methodist Church. This includes approximately 115 churches. We will have an event for girl's starting Wednesday, July 11, 2012 thru July 14, 2012. The First United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas is the location. We still have room for more youth on the roster.The event for boy's will be 2 weeks later at Cathedral Oaks in Weimer, Texas.  Please contact me at for inquiries. I would be happy to facilitate enrollment for your youth. All Christian youth are invited to attend, regardless of denominational affiliation. 

The last thing: Many of our christian churches are losing membership. Investing in the youth and young adults today is essential for the future of our church. 


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare
Today, I am Thankful for:

193. Finding my eyeglasses after searching for them 15 minutes before realizing that they were on top of my head.
194. Slipping and sliding in the mud in the garden, feeling like a kid again.
195. Being called on to help a friend who has helped me many times in the past. It is nice to be able to return the favor.
196. Prayer vigils.
197. Do-overs.
198. Tomatoes.
199. New recipes.
200. Pests. :)

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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