Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Child's View of the Visit to the Dead Sea Scrolls

This summer I didn't do much. I went around cutting grass. I went to go see the FIRST writings of the BIBLE!-)! I played football. My summer was REALLY FUN! When I sent to go see the first writings of the bible, I saw torn pieces of paper and burnt pieces. There was even a journal that was in Hebrew and there is a machine where you can translate it to English. My Mom did translate. But I was wanting to translate something else. I saw an old jug. They used to put wine in a big jug and have someone carry it to Jesus then Jesus would give the person who carried the jug a bible or a new jug to keep. Every time someone delivered the wine someone would go to the only guard tower and that only guard tower had an angel with a sword on fire like the ones guarding the garden of Eden. The reason why they need an angel is because the people work hard making their clay houses. History hasn't changed much. They had sandals. We have sandals. See, some things haven't changed. The angels that guarded Jesus still are in the town where Jesus rose up to heaven. I got all that info just from a journal.

 The End

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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