Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cry Out to God

I am poor. When I have time, I have no money. When I have money, which is usually when I am working, I have no  time. I never seem to have both at the same time. 

There have been times when I have worked, and therefore had very little free-time, and still made so low of a wage, that I also have very little money. 

That was the case one time, when I was living in Alabama, trying to raise three children alone, and had a flat tire; no spare; no money. I wouldn’t get paid until tomorrow and could buy a tire then. But, in the meantime, I had to be at work at eight in the morning with no way to get there. It was really too far to walk. So, what would I do? 

I had to get the after school babysitter to bring my kids home because I had no way to get there that afternoon. She cheerfully obliged. What would I have done without her? 

I called a friend and asked her for a ride the next morning. I could tell that she didn’t want to do it. She said, “Well I have to be at work much earlier than you do.” I thought,  ’You could take me early and I could just wait until my shift is supposed to start. That way, I would at least be there.’ Since I could tell that she didn’t want to do it, I told her never mind. I was so frustrated. 

So, I cried out to God. I prayed and told him what I needed. I asked him for a miracle of sorts. I asked him to put it on the heart of one of his people  that I needed a ride. For this to work, it had to be the right person. God calls many, but not everyone answers.

It is my theory that of those he calls, some are too busy to hear his voice and they do not even hear. He may call ten. Five of them do not even hear. Of the five that do, not all recognize the voice that they hear. Maybe only three recognize the voice as being from God. Of that three that hear and recognize the voice, I am guessing that only one responds and obeys. So, out of ten people, one responds. That is just my theory based on experience and observation. But I know of no particular scripture that this is based on. You can call this Kathy theology.

Whenever I cry out to God for help, I ask him to go to the person who will hear his voice, recognize his voice and respond. For me, with the flat tire, that person was Lisa. About nine o’clock that night, she called me and asked me if I needed a ride to work the next morning. I smiled and said, “Yes”. 

Then she asked me, “Why didn’t you call somebody and tell me?!” 

I said, “I did. I called God and asked him to tell one of his people. And he told you.”

She continued to fuss at me about how she couldn’t be a mind reader and how was she supposed to know if I didn’t call her. I just laughed.

Another friend of mine told me that she was upset that she was low on my list of people to call. But really, it is hard to know who will respond and who will come up with an excuse as to why they can’t respond.

Lisa drove me to work the next morning, and after I got paid, I got a new tire. The Lord provides and he does it using his saints, like Lisa.



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