Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch Treat- Buda Grocery and Grill

I stopped by Buda Grocery and Grill on Main street in downtown Buda, Texas on Monday, April 9, 2012. I was warmly greeted by owner Madeline Uresti as I made my way to the restaurant side of the store.

Different food critics in the Austin, Texas area have stopped in to sample the cheeseburger special that they offer and some have deemed their cheeseburger the best in Austin. But for some reason, none of them have sampled the lunch specials. So that is what I want to do today.

They were featuring a Lasagna special for lunch on Monday, so I ordered it and chatted with some of the other friendly staff and customers while I waited. They have 2 big TV’s mounted high on the wall to watch while waiting and eating.

I also found out that they have Wifi available for their customers. Madeline served me the beautiful salad and plate of lasagna. It looked delicious. I could not wait to dive in. I understand that they make it homemade with their own recipe. They even make their own sauce homemade.

That explained the delicious taste. The salad was fresh, the lasagna was hot and delicious with the cheese and sauce. I had ranch dressing on my salad. The meal was topped off with toasted garlic, buttered bread. All of it was absolutely wonderful. 

I highly recommend Buda Grocery and Grill for lunch, especially on Monday’s when they feature the lasagna, house salad and garlic bread.

The price was great too. Only $6.99 for this wonderful lunch. I was happy to find out that they serve both unsweet and sweet tea. I love sweet tea and it is hard to find restaurants these days that serve it. Many time s they will serve only unsweet tea and make sugar and other sweeteners available. But for those of us who love sweet tea, we know that it is just not the same.

The friendly staff, delicious food, and wonderful atmosphere all converge to make this a great small-town restaurant that is here to stay. 

I understand that they will be opening a Gaslight Courtyard soon in back of the store, with landscaped surroundings highlighted with a working waterfall to provide a relaxing atmosphere for people who enjoy fine dining.

Stop by there when you are in Buda, and let me know what you think….


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare

Today, I am thankful for:

112. Getting things done.
113. Miracles
114. Beautiful music

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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