Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blog Award and Lacy Underwear

Although five years older, my “big sister” is about five inches shorter than me. I always looked up to her because she did everything first, and did everything better than I did. Of the two girls in my family, she was and is the sweet one and I was the mean one. She is still sweet and me—well, I am still a work in progress. My favorite Bible Verse is “Be as smart as a snake and as gentle as a dove.” I am as smart as I will ever be, and I am still working on the gentleness; I have a long way to go.

My big sister Maresa had a great group of friends in high school. It was through one of these friends, Jan Silverthorn Urban, of Remembering My Grandmother’s Kitchen, that I was nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award for my writing on this blog. Thank you to Jan Silverthorne Urban for the nomination and support. Check out her blog and her book, Gator Bait, at

As a recipient of this award, I am bound to publish seven interesting thing about myself. Warning: It is most probably too much information.

1.  I have read the entire bible all the way through one time, and am on track for doing it for the second time by the end of this year. (Maybe I will get at least 11 days ahead of schedule in case there is anything to that whole Mayan story.)
2.       I am wearing the first pair of lace undies that I have worn since I was a child.
   3. I have thrown a live hand grenade. (But not while wearing lacy undies.)
   4. One of my proudest moments of my life was learning to ride my bicycle without training wheels at the age of six. I haven’t accomplished much of anything since then.
   5. I had my first gray hair at the age of seventeen.
   6. I almost drowned two different times in my childhood. My sister Maresa saved me the first time. A lifeguard saved me the second. That’s why I became a Methodist. I have a fear of immersion.
   7.Once I realized that my shoe size is a 10 ½ and not a 8 ½, my feet have felt much better. (Wonder if that works for lacy underwear? Size matters indeed.)

My next instruction is to list other blogs to pass this award on to: nominations, if you will….


Please visit these blogs and see what interests you.

I am humbled and honored that approximately one year ago, I won a writer's retreat to Laity Lodge. This year I won this award. 

Thank you for reading.

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins


  1. Hello sweet Kathy,

    I know I'm a little slow in responding from my surgery (thank you for your kind comment, by the way), but on behalf of Shannon and I we both would love to say thank you for the mention. You are so wonderful to think of us, and we truly appreciate the notice.

    Sending giant hugs your way XOXOXOXOXOX,


  2. I was happy to nominate you girl. Keep on blogging!