Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Observations

What follows are random observations from the week; things I would usually post on Facebook or Twitter. I have saved them, instead, for my blog. How cool is that?!

I currently live within 30 miles of a major airport as the crow flies, and sometimes, airliners fly really low: it seems like maybe 100-200 yards above the house. Keep in mind that I am not a trained observer, so the distance is a little shaky. It is really kinda’ cool and kinda’ creepy. Also I can pick up the signal of the pilots and tower on a scanner, and one time, it came through on my computer. That was really funky. But just as quickly as it started, poof, it just went away.

Photo by Alberto Martinez/American-Statesman.

Then Sept. 2-, 2012, I saw that many people posted pictures of the space shuttle making its final fly-over above Austin, Texas. Seemed to be special pictures.


Happy Birthday to my youngest son, Rusty Haag, who turned 12 on Wednesday of last week. This was also the birthday of one of his football coaches and of a special young lady named Miranda, who turned 16 Wednesday a week ago....well more or less. Ha! Happy Birthday to you Miranda!

Speaking of my son Rusty, here is an incident that occurred at one of the football games in which he played. This is his first year playing on an organized team. He is still learning all of the ropes.

“Mom, one coach says, ‘Run after the man with the ball!’; the other coach says ‘Play your position and stay in position no matter what!’ I don’t know what to do! I wish they would quit telling me to do different things! I don’t know what to do!
Mom, I was in the game on the line. I looked at the guy across from me and saw that the guy playing across from me wasn’t wearing his mouthpiece. He was supposed to be. So I stood up to tell the referee, so that the other team would get a penalty. I stood up and said ‘Hey Ref!’ and he blew his whistle and penalized us! And I was wearing my mouthpiece! So then, the coach pulls me out of the game, and yells at me! “

I said, “Rusty, did you tell the coach what was wrong and what you were trying to do?”

He said, “ Yeah, Mom, but you know, he just yelled at me some more and told me to take a knee. He wouldn’t listen to me!.”

I asked Rusty what he would do the next time that he saw that the player across from him is not wearing his mouthpiece. He said, "I'm going to punch him right in the mouth!"

Perhaps not politically correct, but maybe a lesson learned.

A friend of mine works as a maintenance person. Her focus is on repairing things—what we refer to as “fixin’ things” in the South. One of her co-workers taught her a saying that she says comes in handy not only at work, but in life in general. Here it is:

“You can’t fix stupid!”

Well, there you have it. That does indeed ‘splain a lot. With that, I will leave you.



Today, I am Thankful for:

279. My friend Kay.
280. gifts.
281. Being humbled.
282. safety
283. all the special things that we take for granted.
284. forgiveness.
285. Prayer chains

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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