Thursday, September 8, 2011

A High Calling

Wow. What a difference an exception makes!

On Monday of this week, I posted a blog explaining why I needed to be at a Writer’s Retreat at the end of the month. See This retreat is at Laity Lodge in Leakey, Texas. This retreat center has been described to me as holy ground. From all I have heard, I am sure it is.

This isn’t just any writer’s retreat. The editorial board of The High Calling will be there in addition to editors from Christianity Today. Other writers who are members of this site will also be in attendance. For more information, see


The previous blog post was a requirement to enter a contest for sponsorship to this conference, including travel expenses. In addition to writing the blog, I had to post it in several places, and then put a link back to my blog in the comments section of the announcement on The High Calling website.

As my blog states, I don’t usually do this. And I don’t usually enter contests. But, I did make an exception in this case. For this contest was for something very worthwhile to me. I have never attended a writer’s retreat before and I need the opportunity to network and learn from other writers. Hopefully, I will grow and improve in my writing skills.

Yesterday, I got an email with the subject line saying, “You won”. I thought, “Yeah right, what did I win this time?” After all, I receive spam everyday telling me all that I have won. And I always wind up empty handed. But I knew that they were going to announce the winner for the contest any day, so at the risk of feeling like a sucker, I decided to click on the link. And to my amazement, I was the winner.

I was stunned. There was a phone number in the email to call, which I did in record time and I am now registered.

I am shocked, and excited, and amazed all at once. But more than anything, I am humbled and very grateful for the opportunity to mix, mingle and learn from experienced Christian writers. For truly the opportunity to serve God as a writer is definitely A High Calling.

Here is the link for the announcement:


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  1. Let us know how the retreat went. Good luck too.

  2. Thank you Jackie. I guarantee that I will.

  3. Well, hey - I wondered who this Kathy Robbins was who won the draw! Congratulations! I'll be there - too chicken to enter the contest and most definitely NOT a professional writer, nor with any particular professional aspirations. Just want to write better, period. It'll be fun to meet so many folks I've gotten to know through blogs/comments, etc. And you are now on that list - I saw your comment over at Sandy King's facebook status and recognized your name from the video announcement. And you don't even have too far to go! God is amazing. See you soon!

  4. Diana! Great to hear from you! I look forward to meeting you. I am not a professional writer, but I have been hoping that God would open a door, or send me a cracker or SOMETHING! And, to my amazement, a door is open. God is awesome! Can't wait to see you!