Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I Can

As I reach a milestone with this, my 100th post, I do what most bloggers do; write about why I blog.

The answer, in short, is because I can. Blogging is a great way to record some of the stories that I have written and told others over the years. It is a chance for me to share these stories with others in the world who may be interested, a chance to share books with the public, and maybe, just maybe make a very tiny mark upon the world that, like my children, will outlive me.

Sometimes, I like to write about people who do wonderful things in the name of the Lord. That is one of the reasons why we are here, isn’t it? To serve God. I write to give publicity to acts of love when our local newspaper won’t write about these acts; or if they do, they contain the story to a simple photograph with a short caption, in favor of the front page stories about child molestation, burglaries and other acts of sin. Those stories are important. But they should never take front page over the good that happens in our own communities.

Blogging was introduced to me by Dan Harrington, who was then the youth pastor at my church. He started writing and shared a link with me one day. I read it, was impressed, but thought, “Maybe I can do this too.” Then I created my own blog account, but didn’t know what to do from there. So, I abandoned the idea.

Some months later, I discussed the possibility of blogging with a friend of mine. We resolved to begin a blog soon, and then neither one of us did.

Months later, a friend, Ellen Carpenter, started a blog and I saw a link on Facebook to one of her posts. I visited, liked it and thought, “Yes, I think that I can do this.” So, starting out ignorant but bold, I began Robbins writes. I had no earthly idea what to write, so I just wrote a quick note about starting the blog on Easter, a time for beginnings and birth.

At first, I didn’t know what I was doing, and had to work hard to generate ideas for posts, but I resolved to learn as I went. Eight months, eleven book reviews, one book giveaway, one author interview,100 posts, and 6500 page views from residents in over 30 different countries later, I have learned a lot, and am happy to report that I am still learning. 

Meeting other writers and bloggers has been a serendipitous experience. I have joined the High Calling Bloggers, added my blog to subscription on Amazon, added ads, and have become an Amazon associate, providing links for the books that I review.

I have enjoyed sponsoring the writings of two others who have written five guest posts for me: Rev. Cheryl Broome and Rev. Kimberly Burke. I have sponsored a fund raiser for the ASPCA to honor my son Rusty at his birthday.

I enjoy blogging on my own website, where I have the editorial control. I can write about any subject I want, and express any viewpoint that I care to, without having to get approval from anyone. That is a nice feeling.

Beginning on Easter, and reaching the 100th post during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays is an added treat for me. I love the parallelism with the  religious holidays. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


copyright 2011 by Kathy Robbins


  1. Congrats on 100 great pieces of work. I enjoy reading it. Love ya girl!

  2. Thank you Jenny! I miss and love you! Happy New Year.