Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bother You? I Think Not...

Kim told Bobby to leave after 10 years of marriage. She had experienced enough of his philandering, lies and drinking. He had to go.

After all of these days of bickering, it looked as if tonight would really be the night that it really happened. Bobby nodded his head, loaded up all of his things in a car except one suitcase that he had in his hand. He set it down and went and sat by Bobby Jr. , who was eight years old. He explained to Bobby, Jr. that he was leaving, but he wasn’t walking out of his life forever. He would still be Bobby Jr.’s father. He would continue to support him financially, and come visit him regularly. He would even find a new place to live and have Bobby Jr. to come stay and spend the weekends with him. He wanted him to know that. After a long hug and a kiss for Bobby, he picked up his suitcase with a long sigh.

Bittersweet this was; one part of him had been looking forward to it as a new beginning that he had longed for years to experience. Another part of him wanted to cry because of the finality of walking through the door. He might walk through the door again, but when he did, he would do it as a guest.  Then he heard Kim’s shrill voice shatter the silence, telling him what he had done wrong, what he should have done, what would have been better. He held his breath as he moved toward the door. Like he had done many other days, he turned the doorknob, and  opened the door, took one step and stopped suddenly.

He heard something that caught his attention. “And don’t you be calling over here bothering me all of the time,” she screamed. Her hand was on her hip. He turned around and looked her in the eye as he half sighed and half snorted.

“And don’t you get mad when I don’t,” he answered quietly, coldly.

With that, he turned, took another step and walked out of Kim’s life.


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare

Today I am Thankful for :

216. A Brand New Bible that was a gift. And the friendship 

that accompanies it.

217. Trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls and all of the

ramifications and blessings that accompany this.

218. My youngest son getting to play football, even if it was 

for only 2 days.

219. My same youngest son enjoying football.

220. Having this blog being nominated for and receiving a

"Reader's Choice" award.

221. Jan Urban, who nominated this blog for the award.

222. Walking ten miles.

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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