Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monday Wrapup

As the sun set on Monday, I wondered if you had a good day or a bad one. The beginning of the week is a return to reality for many after an enjoyable weekend. Regardless of how your day went yesterday, read the following story, compare your yesterday to the yesterday of the worker's in this story. If your day was better, feel blessed.

I was a manufacturing supervisor for sixteen years give or take a year or two. As a supervisor on graveyard shift, I learned that there were two different classes of sleepers. One is the person who is at his station, trying to keep his job done and inadvertently nods off from exhaustion. As a supervisor, I would gently wake someone up in this scenario, and move along. The other class of sleeper was totally different. This class was formed by people who purposely sleep.

When I worked in a foundry in South Alabama, where the days were long and the work was very hard, I heard a story through the grapevine about a worker who we will call Fred,  caught sleeping by his supervisor, who we will call Joe.
Fred wandered away from his work station, pulled off his overcoat, wadded it up and used it for a pillow on the floor, took off his steel toed work boots, and put them in front of a fire barrel that was one of many that had been stationed throughout the plant. He put his noggin on the pillow, stretched out and began cutting z’s. From the look of the scene, it was obvious that Fred meant to lay down and take a nap on the company dime. Joe searched for him all over the plant. Finally, Joe found Fred snuggled up to the fire barrel dreaming of warmer days in happier places. Joe went and found a safety pin, wrote a note in his very bad, crooked handwriting, returned and pinned the note onto the shirt of the worker. Then he walked away. This is what the note said:

As long as you are asleep, you still have a job. But when you wake up, YOU ARE FIRED!!!

Not even the Union President could help Fred out of that predicament.

 Was your yesterday better than this? Thought so. Have another good day.


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare
Today, I am thankful for:

319. The fact that I didn't choke and die when I was laughing so hard earlier.
320. Rain the day before yesterday.
321. Achieving a goal.
322. Recovery of a friend.
323. God's perfect will is better than anything that we can imagine.
324. A family getting a new car to get them around.
325. Sleeping in on Sunday's.
326.Waking up.
327. Hugs.
328. Cool breezes in the evenings.

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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