Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Snoring in Church Please

Edgar Ratcliff had a difficult time staying awake in the First Baptist Church of Opelika, Alabama, week after week. He was faithful to attend and carry out his duties as Deacon with honor. Every Sunday, he sat by his friend Bob, who also was a deacon. At some point in the sermon, Edgar always fell asleep.

One Sunday, as the congregation filed through the front door, shaking the preacher’s hand, (can’t remember the pastor’s name—probably a good thing) the pastor stopped Edgar and Bob.

He said, “Bob, I need for you to start doing me a favor, please.”

“What is it Pastor?”

“Well, every week, Edgar falls asleep during the sermon. I want you to start keeping an eye on him and whenever you see him start to nod off, reach over and nudge him or elbow him to wake him up so that he will quit falling asleep and be able to hear the whole sermon.” Edgar dropped his head and began to snicker.

“Well, Pastor, the way I see it, you are the one who puts him to sleep. You need to be the one to wake him up.” They all began to laugh.

And with that story about my Grandfather Edgar Ratcliff, I will leave you.

Happy humpday everybody.


Thanksgiving Challenge and Joy Dare

Today, I am Thankful for:

301. Sincere apologies
302. Grace and mercy.
303. Children
304. Mending fences.
305. Humpday
306. My friend Joyce's beginning recovery.
307. Blessed pumpkins
308. Spiders in trees.
309. Crafty people.
310. My friend Mike.

copyright 2012 by Kathy Robbins

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