Friday, February 10, 2012

My God, Your God? By Wallace (Shaun) Shaunfield

Wallace Shaunfield was an engineer by trade. As a non-believer for 50 years, he concerned himself with facts that were provable, and tangible. Anything that couldn’t be proven using the scientific method had no place in his belief system. In this book, he explains his belief system, which he says that he really never analyzed in depth. 

A series of events that he explains in this book led him to move his family to Boerne, Texas, where he began attending church with his wife. She had been a devout Christian for the 50 years that he had been a non-believer. This series of events was no doubt the prevenient grace of God in operation, loving Shaun with a love that would not let him go, as Pastor Teresa Welborn used to say time and time again in her sermons.

He decided to re-evaluate his position about God by doing what every good engineer does: researching the facts. The analysis of his research led him to change his beliefs, and he became a born-again Christian, not long before his wife succumbed to the ravages of pancreatic cancer.

When he was on a Walk to Emmaus, he decided to write this book. In his own words, he says that “the purpose of this book is to motivate the objective, truth seeking non-believer to consider seriously the question of the truth of God, and then make up their own minds.” (p.3)

He addresses what he considers to be four fundamental questions: “1. Is God real? 2. What is the nature of God? 3. What does God expect from us? 4. What can we expect of God?” (p.4)

He spends a lot of time discussing evolution and consciousness in this book, and explaining them in terms of what the scriptures present. He also writes about the division between current scientific knowledge and scripture.

This was a very interesting read for me. I was impressed with the fact that as soon as he developed a belief system, he was eager to share this process with others. Isn’t that what we are challenged to do? To share the good news with others?

Another thing that I liked about this book and the author is the attitude that he had throughout the book: that as Christians, we share certain fundamental beliefs and then we also experience differences about other beliefs. He indicated a respect for the belief system of others who share the same fundamental beliefs as him.

I recommend this book for all non-believers to encourage them to analyze their own belief system against the facts that Shaunfield presents in this book. I also recommend it for believers who experience doubts because of the chasm between science and scripture.



Thankfulness Challenge and Joy Dare

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45. The Greater Austin Emmaus Board and members.
46. Pastors who know how to minister.
47. A willing spirit even in the face of a weak wallet.:)

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