Friday, January 27, 2012

Five Minute Fridays-Tender

I love having a garden. I first started a garden when my boys were babies. We planted various vegetables: cucumbers tomato plants, squash, bell peppers and hibenero peppers. We watched with excitement and hope as they began sprouting from the dark ground with the tender sprouts at first. We checked each day to see the progress. We pulled weeds as they grew to protect the plants from being overcome by them; to assure that all of the moisture and all of the nutrients would feed the plants that we wanted fed.

All of life is like our garden. Some seeds grow and some not. We have to protect ourselves from the weeds that sprout and attempt to steal the nourishment from us. Weeds can be anything that serves to steal our time, our nutrients, our water. They are the things in our lives that we don't want when we actually take time to think about things. Things that rob our time are weeds. And, we are like the tender sprout growing that over time might become strong. In the meantime, may we guard our time and talents and resources from the extraneous things that will usurp the nutrition that we need in the Lord. Amen.


Thankfulness Challenge and Joy Dare: Today I am thankful for:

29. Phone calls from good friends that are an oasis in a dry day.
30. Faithful members of our Chrysalis Board.
31. A good night's rest.

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