Friday, January 20, 2012

Vivid-Five Minute Fridays

I have had vivid dreams all of my life. I mean these are as good as action-packed adventure movies--in color and constantly changing. They usually aren't scary. Sometimes they have a meaning that I can discern, but most of the time, I only remember bits and pieces. And of what I can remember, it doesn't seem to have any intelligent meaning beyond the obvious.

Sometimes, I dream about my father. I was the first in the family to dream about him after he died. They say that whenever you dream about someone who has died, that means that they actually visited you . How sweet these dreams about my father are. One year, it was the anniversary of his death and I had forgotten. I was busy and didn't realize that the date was upon us. That night, I had a vivid dream about him. It was great to see him. After I woke up, I realized the date. Coincidence? What do you think?


My Thankfulness Challenge-The Joy Dare from Ann Voskamp--On the road to 1,000---

Today I am thankful for--
5. Beautiful days
6. Healthy body
7. Prayers
8. Mid-Winter Camp for my son.
9. Pastors
10. A book won in a contest.

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  1. I love your thankful list! I'm often reminded of just how blessed I am to have a healthy body and that my whole family does too.

    I'm glad you still have dreams about your father. That way you still feel him with you.

    Have a blessed Friday :).

  2. Those dreaming visits with your father sound wonderful. Sometimes I have vivid dreams, and you're right - it's almost like having a personal action movie!